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BaySide Media believes in a single principle: Content connects. Whether hosted on a Website, shared on social media, delivered over email, or unleashed in a video, content connects people—and it builds communities. It fosters brand loyalty, sells products, and retains customers. If done right, it moves markets.

BaySide Media works with you to design, write, and produce custom media. With expertise in technology and small business markets, BaySide Media builds communications that speak directly to your audience—and deliver results. Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies and startups, as well as leading consumer and industry media.

Sybase depends on BaySide Media as part of our core marketing team. Their writers add a fresh, external perspective that strengthens our messaging and positioning. BaySide Media adds immediate value to our initiatives, thanks to their tremendous tech expertise. They push the envelope by charging into new spaces like iBooks and interactive collateral.”

—Russ Novy
Director of Marketing
Sybase, an SAP Company


  • Sybase works with BaySide Media to develop and produce print and iBook versions of the Enterprise Mobility Guide and the Capital Markets Guide.
  • Facebook uses BaySide Media to create a portfolio of case studies highlighting how mobile app and game developers use key Facebook Platform features.

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QuickBooks Payroll

BaySide Media creates an informative, mobile-friendly e-mail newsletter for 1 million+ Intuit Payroll subscribers.

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